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One afternoon, where almost could see the sunset, Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi-sensei were all on a mission to Rank S.
They had to bring a merchandise that was in danger of thieves Shinobi village of Ages.
When they reached the village of Cherry Blossoms.
Once they arrived, Sakura was fascinated and charmed by so many trees "Sakura - (Cherry)."
- Wow they're so beautiful! Never seen so many of these trees!
And Naruto there intervened:
- Are they beautiful ... (the falling petals, drops one on his head one).
- (Sakura get that petal in his head) are fascinating are not they?
- (blushing) Y-Yes! I think that all "Sakuras" are strong and be strong , gotta shows that, the courage to face and overcome their fears. And That's a good thing!
Sakuras without notice says "yes."
With a chariot driven by two horses, Kakashi tells the two that it is time to leave.
Half way,  they are viewed by such thieves Shinobi village of Ages and one of the other says:
- Go will inform the chief that the merchandise came ...
- Yes! The way!
Kakashi feels something strange seems to realize they are being watched, but like Naruto did not realize at the moment, he goes towards speak with Sakura:
- Sakura-chan how about if when we get town, we go out?
Sakura bored says:
- Arrhh! You never give up do you? Soon it turns out, if I will not get tired and ...
Naruto suddenly breaks:
- AND!! well if you can! Are you coming with me right?
- I do not know...Don't be annoying!!
this is my new NaruSaku Fanfic
"Dying Without You"

if there's something that I wrote in english is a mistake, tell me!
i hope you like it

Fanfic (c) NarutoXSakuraLOVE
Original Fanart :[link] (c) LadyGT93

Part 2 - [link]
xDerin-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
This is gonna be good! Write more!
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October 12, 2012
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